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About Him

He is a Meerut based senior advocate with 19 years of practice dedicated to Multi Dimensional Legal Services for clients which include individual, multinational, public and private companies and other corporate entities, across the Meerut and Delhi NCR region.

He is a versatile and efficient advocate paying personal attention to the clients and have distinguished experience in all the specific area of laws.

He is operating in litigation at various stages from the institution of case,  its pleadings, evidences, investigation, trial, revision, appellate etc.  viz. Civil Laws, Matrimonial Laws, Criminal Laws, Corporate Laws, Cyber Laws, Media and Telecommunication Laws, banking laws, consumer laws, Divorce laws, Custody of Child cases, Maintenance and Alimony cases etc.

He provides litigation services to the clients, under any area of law and before following court of law viz.
  • District & Session Courts, at Meerut
  • Cases at Revenue Board
  • Consumer Forum at Meerut
  • Family Court at Meerut
  • Service matter at Tribunal
  • High Court of Allahabad and Lucknow.

His Vision

I firmly believe that in our complex society, psychological changes in the family system and in the context of the present world economic order, the legal profession plays a valuable and constructive role than ever before. The changes in the economic climate in the world especially in India have brought about a change in the traditional role of the lawyer. Today, the role of lawyers is not limited to defending the rights of their clients but to also ensure that litigation is economized, minimized and modus operandi of the litigation be speedy.





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